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Master’s Degree Programs

Find out why Kylie chose to pursue her Master of Humanities at TU.

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Advance Your Career with A Master’s Degree from TU

If you’re ready to move your career ahead, it’s time to learn more about a convenient, affordable online master’s degree in Education (M.Ed.), online master’s degree in Humanities (MH), or our master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology at Tiffin University.

Our Master of Education degree program helps students lay the groundwork for real development in education sector career paths. You’ll have the opportunity to acquire a versatile, comprehensive skill set pertaining to the latest educational practices and principles, including curricula development, academic administration, classroom instruction, campus security and more.

Tiffin University’s Master of Humanities program is a far-reaching exploration of arts, philosophy, literature, language and more – yet the focus remains on job-suitable skills for the arts and culture sector. Our master’s in humanities courses are tailored for students who are curious about the human condition and what it means to be human. At the same time, our instructors understand how to approach subjects that deal with the big questions about the way we engage our world as citizens.

Online Master’s Degree Overview

Master’S Degree Program Applicants

Minimum requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree required from a regionally accredited university
  2. Undergraduate GPA, 3.0 preferred
    • If your GPA was less than a 3.0, you must submit a resume. Additional documents may be required, if deemed necessary by the Tiffin University Admissions team.

Applicants who cannot meet language proficiency standards or do not have proof of proficiency can receive a Conditional Acceptance and attend our English as a Second Language (ESL) program, which is our on-campus English language institute.

We offer four Master of Humanities concentrations so that you can specialize in what you’re most interested in. To learn more about our online master of humanities and master of education degree programs, click the links below.