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Admissions / 大学学分加





  • 学生必须通知他们的高中,他们希望参加大学学分加不迟于4月1日. For more information about student enrollment and other questions, please visit the 俄亥俄州高等教育部网站 at http://www.ohiohighered.org/ccp.
  • 申请截止日期为4月15日
  • 私立学校和家庭学校的学生必须不迟于4月1日提交CCP资助申请. 资助申请可在 俄亥俄州高等教育部网站.



Step 2: 午餐大学’s Admission Standards

  • A minimum, cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for all high school 完成的学术课程
  • If a student is seeking to participate under paragraph (A)(1)(c) of Rule 3333-1-65.俄亥俄州修订法典第14条, 他们必须在以下高中水平课程中获得A或B:英语11, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus.


  • 安排入读ENG141, 学生必须在ACT考试的英语部分达到18分或以上,或在ACCUPLACER Writeplacer考试中达到5分.
  • 数学分班, 学生必须在ACT考试的数学部分获得16分或以上,或在Accuplacer定量推理中获得259分, Algebra, & 统计(QAS)部分.
  • 提交完整的博彩平台推荐学院学分加学生申请(点击下面的链接)
  • 大学学分加 (CCP)学生指的是目前在博彩平台推荐就读的非学位高中生. CCP students are not eligible to receive financial aid through 午餐大学
  • Request current high school transcripts to be emailed to ccp@tiffin.Edu或邮寄至:


  • 成绩单可以通过学生的高中指导顾问获得,并且必须发送到博彩平台推荐. If the student has already taken a standardized test, the student’s scores will be printed on the transcript. 你的成绩单可以通过电子邮件发送到 ccp@verklempt.net.
  • “成熟内容表”必须由CCP学生及其家长/监护人填写并签署,并通过电子邮件发送给CCP项目经理ccp@verklempt.net
  • After we have received a student’s online application, 官方成绩单, 成熟内容许可单, 还有可选的分班考试成绩, he or she will be admitted to the CCP program if all admission requirements are satisfied.
  • 进入TU的CCP项目, 学生将收到一份数字录取通知书,可以通过学生门户网站查看. 课程选择表将通过电子邮件发送给学生,以便他们可以指明他们希望在学期中学习哪些课程,并通过电子邮件将选择表发送到ccp@verklempt.net.
  • New TU CCP students will be required to attend a mandatory advising appointment. Students will receive an email with a link to schedule their appointment.
  • 学生在提交签名的选课表之前,每个学期都不能注册课程.
  • When choosing TU courses, students should consider the following:
    • 大学学分加 participants may take a maximum 15 credit hours per semester. In addition, 博彩平台推荐每学期最多允许学生选修两门在线课程(每学期有两学期:第一学期和第二学期), 每学期总共12个学分.

学生在一个学期内参加座席课程和在线课程的时间不能超过这些规定, including any TU credit hours taken at the student’s high school.



Level I Courses:

  • Transferable course – Part of CTAG, OTM, or TAG or equivalent at private college/university
  • Course in computer science, information technology, anatomy, or physiology
  • 技术证书课程
  • Another course that may be approved by the Chancellor on an annual basis


  • Any other college course that is not a Level I course

学生可以使用高中的AP课程和其他大学的CCP课程来完成15个学分的要求. Transcripts must be sent to the 大学学分加 Advisor. 欲了解博彩平台推荐提供的一级课程的完整列表,请点击上面的PDF.

School districts may not be charged for a student’s enrollment in any of the following:

  • An applied course that involves one-on-one private instruction, including, but not limited to instruction in instrumental music, voice, or art;
  • 出国留学课程或类似的课程;
  • 体育课程;
  • 一门以及格/不及格或满意/不满意为评分标准的课程,而不是用字母评分, 实习课程除外;
  • A remedial or non-college level course; and
  • 宗派路线.


DragonACCESS是一个确保所有学生在第一天上课前都能拿到课本的项目. 对于学生,DragonACCESS是:

  • Convenient – Course materials are available before your class starts. Just sign up for courses and your materials will be waiting for you in Moodle. 
  • Empowering – With automatic access to your textbooks, you can focus on learning and be confident in your academic success. 


In some cases, a hard copy text may be required. 这些实体教科书包含在该计划中,可以从书店领取, 从上课前一周开始.

If an online course requires a physical text, you must complete the Shipping Form for free shipping as soon as possible before each semester. Free shipping is only available to remote students. 如果你住在塞内卡县,请安排在书店取书.

因特殊住宿需要实体书的学生应尽快提交住宿申请, preferably by Friday of the first week of classes to the 残疾人服务 Coordinator. 一旦住宿被批准, 残疾服务办公室将联系DragonACCESS协调员订购实体教科书. 

If you need to register with the Office of 残疾人服务, more information is available on their website below.


The school district must advise that if a student has a balance on their University account, that student will not be able to request an 官方成绩单.

If a student enrolls in a private music instruction course, 学生有责任支付与课程相关的私人音乐指导费用. The music fee for private music lessons will be charged directly to the student’s account.

在大学学分加计划下注册的课程的主题可能包括成熟的主题或材料, 包括那些图形, explicit, violent, 或者性的本质, 无论在哪里进行课程教学,都不会根据大学学分加学员的参与情况进行修改.

退课截止日期为学期(陆上课程)和学期(网络课程)开学后第14天,不受处罚。. 包括周末. Requests must be emailed via your TU email account to ccp@verklempt.net. Please contact the CCP Program Manager for more information.




Students attend classes on our beautiful campus and blend in with our diverse campus family. Courses held on campus during the fall and spring semesters are 1 hr. 15 minutes long, held twice weekly, for 15-weeks.

Students virtually participate in TU classes, asynchronously, online with other 午餐大学 students, 包括传统, 上大学的学生, adult students, 和其他中共学生. All TU Online courses are offered in two 7-week terms per semester (Term I & Term II). Students may not take more than 2 online courses per term.

学生留在他们的高中,博彩平台推荐的一位教员或兼职教授去高中教授TU课程. Students take college courses without leaving their high school! CCP at the high school is available at select high schools and by pre-arrangement only. 如果学生不确定高中CCP是否适合他们,他们应该询问他们的高中辅导员或联系TU的CCP项目经理.

如果学生在TU课程结束前不想再参加CCP课程,或者由于其他原因必须退出TU课程, 他或她必须发邮件给CCP顾问{ccp@verklempt.net} with a request to be withdrawn from the course. This must be done within a two week period of the term or semester starting.


如果学生退出了一门旨在满足高中毕业要求的TU课程, 学生有责任与他或她的高中指导顾问会面,制定新的课程时间表. 同时总是愿意帮助学生, 博彩平台推荐不负责满足学生的高中毕业要求.