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了星期五 is a distinctive experience for our students that enhances their collegiate experiences – and sets Tiffin University apart from other institutions. 

Not only does TU provide curriculum, we go a step further in providing the foundational skills to navigate life – personally, academically and professionally. 本着这种精神, TU hosts 了星期五, a variety of events throughout the academic year to keep our students engaged and help them explore their interests. The events are designed to foster creativity, 协作, critical thinking and analysis, and appreciation for a global mindset that employers seek. 

Examples of Engaged Friday activities include student-faculty research experiences, 服务学习, professional clubs or organizations, athletics and career experiential learning – as well as fun events like dodgeball or pickleball tournaments, painting events and tours of nearby destinations.

This holistic educational experience is unique to Tiffin University graduates and gives them an edge in their future careers. 

Upcoming 了星期五 事件

View past Engaged Friday events:

Other Past 了星期五 events: 

  • 职业服务 Workshops: New Year New You-4 Year Plan Workshop, 高级简历工作坊, 模拟面试活动, 实习信息会 
  • Education Seminar Series: Self-Efficacy Seminar, 领导 Seminar, Andragogy and Job Search
  • Science Friday Speaker Series
  • 无人机学院培训
  • Virtual Sports and Fitness Expo
  • Creativity and Mental Health Day, “Creativity and Madness: Creating Light in the Darkness of the World” Dr. Jonathan Appel和Dr. Dohee Kim-Appel
  • TiffinArts – Musical: 下一个 To Normal
  • 会计 and 金融 俱乐部 Trip to Pittsburgh
  • Springfest & 希腊的步骤
  • Building Cultural Competencies CCU Workshops
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